Spray Dried Products

Spray Dried Egg Product
We have produced high quality Spray Dried Egg since 1995.  This product contains no hatchery waste and has a minimum protein level of 50%.  Great for uses in pet food and starter pig diets.

Spray Dried Liver: Pork, Beef, and Chicken

Our liver powder is made from sources that are USDA certified and EU approved.  We offer Spray Dried Pork Liver, Spray Dried Beef Liver, and Spray Dried Chicken Liver.  


​​Spray Dried Duck Digest
Product made from 100% duck products. Spray Dried Duck Digest is a great source of duck protein with a minimum protein level of 64%.


​Spray Dried Poultry Blood
This product is 100% whole blood and has a minimum protein level of 85%.  This product is great for organic fertilizers and aquaculture.  

Other Products

Duck Fat
100% duck fat shipped in 1,750 lb. plastic tote bladders.​

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